Mount Ararat Climbing Program (7 days)

Mount Ararat is located in the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Ararat Near the border the Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The mountain has twin peaks known as the Great Ararat Peak and the Little Ararat Peak. The height of the Mount Ararat Peak is 5,137m, And Little Ararat Peak is 3.896 m. The Turkish government requires a Trekking permit and the use of a certified and licensed Turkish guide, for Climbing or Skiing Tours on Mount Ararat.

Day 1: Dogubayazit

Transfer from Van airport to Dogubayazit (2 hours), check in to the hotel. Discussion meeting. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2: Camp 1 (3200 m)

Transfer to Ararat by minibus (2200 m) and trekking to the Ararat Base Camp (3200 m) (4-5 hours). Overnight stay in the tent at camp 1.

Day 3: Acclimatization day

Climb to 4000 m and return to Base Camp (2-3 hours). Overnight stay in the tent.

Day 4: Camp 2 (4200 m)

Trekking to the camp 2 (4200 m) (3-4 hours). Overnight stay in the tent.

Day 5: Mt. Ararat Summit ( 5137m. )

Mount Ararat summit day, climbing about 5-9 hours for sunrise. Afterwards return to the camp 2 and after short rest return back to the Base camp (3200 m). Overnight stay in the tent. There is no reserve day for bad weather or because of altitude sickness.

Day 6: Dogubayazit

Descent down to car point (2200 m). Transfer back to Dogubayazit. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 7: Van airport

 Transfer from Dogubayazit to Van airport.