Mount Kackar Trekking Program (7 days)

Kaçkar Mountains are a mountain range that rises above the Black Sea coast in eastern Turkey. The Kackar rise in between the shores of the Black Sea to the north and the River Coruh valley to the south. With highest peak Kaçkar Dağı at an elevation of 3937 metres, it is the highest part of the Pontic Mountains. The Kaçkars are glaciated mountains that are alpine in character, with steep rocky peaks and numerous mountain lakes.
Kackar area is a national park and has an extensive collection of native flora and fauna, including the local bears, mountain goats and many birds. There are many stunning lakes in the area and you can go for a swim.
Kackar Mountains are one of the best trekking sites in Turkey. The best time for trekking is between June and September.

Day 1

Transfer from Erzurum Airport to Barhal Pension. Dinner and overnight in Barhal Pension.

Day 2

Transfer to Naznara. Walk from Naznara via Amanesket to Karagöl lake. Continue to meet the mule and baggage at Satibe Campsite. Diner and camp.

Day 3

Walk from Satibe camp via Sarıbulut, Borasan, Unzunçalı, Binektaşı and Kurdat to Pişenkaya Yaylası. Dinner and camp close to the stream.

Day 4

Walk from Pişenkaya up a narrow valley above the tree line past Okuz Göl Lake to Okuz Geçiti (Bull Pass) and descend the far side to Satelef Yayla (summer village). Dinner and camp above the village close to the stream.

Day 5

Descend the valley past the villages of Körahmet and Karamolla to Yaylalar. Continue up hill past Olgunlar to the base camp for Kaçkar at Dilberdüzü. Dinner and camp at Dilberdüzü.

Day 6

Early start for a summit attempt. Climb to Kaçkar summit and return to base camp. Dinner in camp.

Day 7

Walk down to Olgunlar to meet the minibüs – return to Barhal pension Transferto Erzurum.