Bespoke tours

Personalised trips and tailor-made trekking tours on Ararat.

It is unique way to discover the Ararat with your friends, colleagues. A Bespoke Tour is a private guided tours – tailor-made for your small group of 6 or more person to meet your needs and preferences. Groups may choose their own dates.

We’ve designed a range of itineraries that we know provide fabulous experiences within and around Ararat. But a Bespoke Tour can be tailored in any way to suit your precise needs. Choose one of our superb itineraries, add or subtract, or let us start from scratch to handcraft your perfect Ararat tour.

Whether you’re a couple looking for a private adventure, a family group seeking to find something to keep everyone engaged, or work colleagues enjoying some time off to spend the perfect time together.

Imagine your dream trip.

You have the perfect trip in mind. It could be somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. It may be based around something you’ve always dreamed of doing. It might be as simple as spending quality time with those you love. From custom tours to (just about) anything else, our team will make dreams reality.

It gives us immense joy in inviting you to embark on an enchanting journey of discovery, journeys that will remain with you as beautiful memories, forever!