Corporate & Team Building Trips

Magic Ararat can provide team building trips for your company, providing inspiration which can lead to an increase in a positive working environment. Take your employees abroad and challenge them to work together to bring about the right results.

We can deal with any challenge, leadership or general team building trip you are looking for, just send us an idea of what type of trip you are looking for, through an online or phone enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Challenge Activities

    Why not set you and your team a real challenge! Test your skill, determination and character. We have inspirational mountain climbs to motivate and inspire you and your employees or maybe try your hand at a vigorous assault course challenge.

    Mount Ararat is perfect for this ides. If you would like a challenge but are short on ideas, no problem! Our travel experts can suggest activities perfect for you and your group, whether that be weekend activities or whole week expeditions to the Mount Ararat.

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  • Leadership

    Put you and your team in a real character building situation and see who the real leaders are! Build up relationships, confidence and trust through leadership team building activities.

    Go on a survival course, whereby you will learn survival skills and how to build a fire, shelter and cook in the wilderness. Or test your mental ability with a treasure hunt, involving solving clues and completing challenges.

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  • Company Travel Rewards

    Reward your hard working employees to trips abroad with Magic Ararat. Your company can incentivise sales and targets with trip away to Turkey to an adventure holiday climbing to a Mount Ararat base camp.Offering rewards like this to your employees could motivate, inspire and increase productivity for you and your company.

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