Our Team

We are here to create your vacation full of mountain adventure and magical unforgettable moments.
We work to provide more than a holiday, it will be unforgettable adventure.
Climbing on summit is great adventure and one of the most serious undertaking of your life.


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    Certified Kurdish trekking guide

    Kubi Saltik mountain guide, with over 15 years of experience in climbing the Mount Ararat and other summits in the surrounding areas. He has successfully reached the summit of Mount Ararat over 200 times. Ararat is his home.

    He was born in Dogubayazit, town on the slopes of Mount Ararat, and lived there with his very big family all his life. This Kurdish family is known for its warm hospitality and receptions in their home travelers from all over the world.

    His years of experience have allowed us to refine our service and create a structure entirely geared to your safety and success Mount Ararat climb.

    Our team, all our mountain guides and porters, which work with Kubi, are all highly experienced local men who were born and have spent their lives on and around Mt Ararat. Most of them are his brothers and cousins. Your safety and security will be their top priority and also ensure a pleasant experience when visiting their country. Because no one knows better than them, how to provide the best and safest possible chance for a successful expedition.